Who The Hell Is She?

Jacqueline Jayne may be a hardworking bookkeeper during the day, but in her off hours is a huge fan of mysteries, anything paranormal, sci-fi and a whole lot of weirdness. Be it a book, TV show or movie, the more suspense and crazier the motivation (of heroes and villains alike) the better.

And, of course, a big dose of humor,  unexpected romance, and a kick-ass ending are hardcore requirements.

All the qualities she infuses in The Hell Runners Series. As they say, 'You gotta write what you want to read.'

Jacqueline caught the writing bug in elementary school, entertaining teachers and classmates alike with her off-the-wall stories. But as growing up entails - she developed a lot of other extracurricular interests, including singing & acting. During her senior year in high school, the self-proclaimed shy girl scored the lead in her senior play and school musical, plus extremely minor roles in local theaters. Extremely minor. Broadway wasn't in the cards, but all of these activities trained her in the art of storytelling, her favorite pastime. 

When she's not putting characters through Hell (literally & metaphorically), she prepares tax returns, tears up the kitchen with new recipes and researches for future books. A total bookworm, she loves the researching as much as the writing. 

She resides outside of Philly with her husband and two rescue cats in close proximity to the Rodin Museum, one of her favorite places to meander. Her husband is often a source of inspiration and a fountain of uncommon scientific facts.  

Jacqueline hopes you enjoy the world of Hell Runners as much as she did creating it. She welcomes questions and reviews. 


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